Day Six: Dream Reader



Dear Migraine,

You are not my dream reader & you are interfering with my ability to live my life & complete my blog assignments. Two days you have trapped me in pain & made life unbearable…I want you gone. I am formerly & politely requesting you leave & never return. Please don’t force me to take drastic measures…we know that won’t end well.

Sincerely, B


Day Four: Hi Neighbor


There is no shortage of fascinating blogs…the most difficult thing for me is to not choose too many & become overwhelmed. I feel like I’ve added plenty of variety & will continue to search for others that speak to some part of me. 

What worries me now is what if a blog I’m following isn’t what I thought it was…will feelings be hurt if I choose to unfollow someone? I hope not.


beginnings of a difficult life



A penny for your thoughts is an interesting thing when you have too many thoughts fighting to get out, to be heard. I finally settled on something that is actually very difficult & painful, but I need to get it out of my head for awhile.

I was not given an easy life although I know there are many people who have had it a lot worse. I was born to two selfish people who did not want & should not have had kids & unfortunately they had two. I was almost three when my sister came along to join hell with me. I wish I could say we found solace, love & support in one another, but the parents would never have allowed that. It seems that misery loves company & this is the one thing they did share.

The dad was better in one way…he found escape in his work & hobbies & he was barely home. The mother would swing from one hell (cussing, screaming, abuse & neglect) to staying in her bedroom for a month without acknowledging our existence. On her good days when the dad was away, she would spend hours on the phone with one of her boyfriends or load us up in the vehicle so she could go meet one of them at motels or apartments. We were left in the vehicle for hours waiting for her to find what she would never find…peace, love, happiness.

I would love to tell you after 39 years on this planet things between the parents & me are great, but since we are being real, we all know that isn’t what happened. The mother continued to have affairs with pretty much every man who was willing, she slept with my high school classmates, teachers, coaches & more. It doesn’t seem real, but sadly it is.

I entered my second level of hell when I ran away from the parents & married the boyfriend who I found out a year later was a drug addict. My life went from bad to worse in a heartbeat. I’ll admit my faith, my strength, my everything was being tested every single moment of every single day. Difficult? Yeah, but my story doesn’t end there…to be continued…

Some Like it Real is born


Second assignment is in the bag. It took me half the afternoon & a sheet of paper with lots of ideas to create my new Site Title & Tagline. I’m really pleased & think it’s at least a little catchy…lol.

Site Title: Some Like it Real
Tagline: Real life after Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy…it is NOT the easy way out

I really feel like the new title & tagline suits me. I’m all about keeping it real & not sugar coating the ups & downs of my life.

Can hardly wait for the next assignment.



Today I am a wife, mother of four dogs, four parrots, two frogs & 20 chickens, a book lover, a dreamer, a worrier, a fighter…I am all these things & so much more. I am here because I want to be, but also because I want to become a better writer & meet new people.

I have blogged privately & publicly, but never with any consistency. I hope that these assignments will keep me blogging & hold me more accountable. 

The main topic I want to share is my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG life. Many people are under the misconception that weight loss surgery is easy or the easy way out & I want to set that record straight. Nothing in my life has been so hard or required so much work & commitment. I’ve given up so much to attempt to get healthy, but life & living is worth every second of the struggle. I want to share my journey, the good, the bad, and the truly ugly.

I would love to connect with other post-op VSG people, but am not limiting myself to them only. I also rescue animals, am a former librarian & special education teacher, love books & art & so much more. I would love to connect with people who share some of my interests.

If I am able to successfully blog throughout the next year, I would love to have shared my VSG & my life journey with many people…to reach, help, & support others who are on their own journey. To receive the kind of support that I have been unable to find would be wonderful.

I’m very excited about this new beginning…it feels good to be doing life today.